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Est. Since 1996

Tresrullah’s Pink Is The New Black

Call Name: Piper

Registry: AKC MAS


Sire: Keecam’s Sexy And I Know It

Dam: ELF Lord I Apologize 4 That At HHC

Height: 14 inches

Full Dentition/ Scissoe Bite

Pennhip Hips: 85%

Pennhip Elbows: 89%

Bred By: Brenda-Lee Hoskins 

Owned by: Brenda-Lee Hoskins & Paige Wandzel

Lives in Co Own Home.

CONN Deg: N/N via Animal Genetics 

CEA: N/M via Animal Genetics

CMR-1: N/N via Animal Genetics

DM: N/N via Animal Genetics

HC: N/M via Animal Genetics

HUU: N/N via Animal Genetics

PRCD/ PRA: N/N via Animal Genetics

MDR-1: N/N via Animal Genetics

CDDY : pending

CDPA: Pending

DNA Verified via Paw Print Genetics

Eyes Cerfed MAS-EYE1681/12F-VPI


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